COP6 message from the FCA Board

03 Sep 2014

At COP5 in 2012, Parties to the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) made some important decisions, including adopting a “set of guiding principles and recommendations” on Article 6 (on tax and price measures, a crucial topic because increasing prices is the single most effective way to reduce tobacco consumption) and on creating a Working Group on Sustainable Measures to Strengthen Implementation of the FCTC.

Many topics on the agenda

This upcoming COP will expand on this work. It will consider the adoption of full Article 6 guidelines, and continue the discussion on how to best ensure that Parties have access to resources for FCTC implementation. It will also discuss numerous other topics, including FCTC Article 19 (liability), control and prevention of smokeless tobacco products and Articles 17&18 (alternative livelihoods & environment), topics that are likely to spark attacks from the tobacco industry.

Because of these and other contentious issues, it is imperative that COP6 includes the participation of FCA members who can represent the voice of civil society from across the globe. The strong presence of civil society at the COP is critical: without the influence of the public health community, we risk losing elements of the Article 6 guidelines that are essential to the implementation of strong and effective tax and price measures that will reduce tobacco use around the world.  

Industry opposing tax measures

The tobacco industry is doing all it can to oppose our work, so it is imperative that we pool our resources to make COP 6 a successful event.

We would like to thank the donors who have already given generously. Their financial support and the dedication of all FCAers to our mission to create a world free from tobacco is what motivates us to lead civil society’s global fight against the tobacco epidemic. Thanks to these contributions, we can continue to challenge the influence of the multinational tobacco industry and ensure that the FCTC remains an effective tool in reducing global tobacco consumption.

FCA’s Board of Directors

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