Cricket World Cup smoke-free

13 Jan 2011

According to Work for a Better Bangladesh (WBB) Trust Project Coordinator Aminul Islam Sujon, a smoke-free Cricket World Cup is a great achievement for tobacco control.

Sujon said the Bangladesh Tamak birodhi jote (BATA) and its member organisations Prattayasha and WBB Trust, had continually operated campaigns demanding a smoke-free Cricket World Cup and smoke-free sports grounds.

“As part of these campaigns, BATA ran a letter campaign to the Bangladesh Cricket Board Chairman to make the World Cup Cricket smoke-free,”  he added.  

“The WBB Trust and Prattyasha also organised a Smoke-free Football Tournament (as part of National Victory Day) for children and adolescents where signatures supporting smoke-free cricket grounds were collected and submitted to the Bangladesh Cricket Board’s chairman.”

Bangladesh is co-hosting the cup with India and Sri Lanka, which begins in February this year.

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