Dr Monika Arora wins GHC award

29 Jun 2011

Dr Arora is the first Indian to win a GHC award, which is given annually to recognise a programme that effectively demonstrates the link between health, poverty and development. It also highlights an individual’s efforts towards improving the health of disadvantaged and disenfranchised populations. 

Dr Arora’s work involved designing and implementing school, home and community-based interventions promoting adolescent health, youth- led health activism and advocacy. She demonstrated best practice examples in the area of health promotion among youth, especially focusing on preventing non-communicable diseases (NCDs).

Her engagement with tobacco control research, advocacy and research at national and global levels has seen Dr Arora engage and purposefully partner with school and college students, community youth, teachers, governmental agencies, civil society organisations, policy-makers, and others. Her exemplary work includes helping protect disadvantaged youth from the dangers of tobacco use.

In her acceptance speech (reported in APN news) Dr Arora said: “We [HRIDAY] have strived to achieve success in our initiatives in promoting health among all strata of society to prevent and reduce the burden of non communicable diseases, which is a rising threat to health and development in India.”

“Our recent efforts have been to promote health awareness and advocate for policy improvements to protect disadvantaged youth and low socio economic status communities from dangers of tobacco use in India and globally.”

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