European Union provides €5.2 million for tobacco control

30 Sep 2011

FCA Director Laurent Huber noted that the EC announcement should be seen as a first step towards greater cooperation between donors and FCTC Parties in low- and middle-income countries.

He also noted that the contribution will serve to scope out and cost the work required to accelerate implementation of the FCTC – a commitment adopted at the recent United Nations summit on non-communicable diseases (NCDs).

“We welcome the fact that EU delegations in the countries selected for needs assessments will be closely involved in a policy dialogue led by the WHO FCTC Secretariat,” added Huber. “It is also encouraging to see that civil society will be involved in the actions proposed to promote transparency and an objective approach, particularly in needs assessments and in monitoring and evaluating the implementation process.”

Specifically, the EC funding will be used to:

  • support 30 Parties: identify their needs, required resources and draft a strategy for FCTC implementation; and provide them with technical and legal assistance;
  • activate 6 regional and sub-regional knowledge hubs for WHO FCTC implementation;
  • launch six south-south and triangular cooperation projects;
  • identify and activate additional mechanism for cooperation and coordination of the UN system in addressing the tobacco epidemic;
  • create a web-based portal to share knowledge and best practices.

The extra-budgetary contribution to the FCTC Secretariat will run over three years.

See more details about the contribution

WHO’s FCTC web page.

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