FCA member wins World No Tobacco Day award

11 Oct 2010

Every year WHO recognises individuals or organisations in each of its six regions for their outstanding work in tobacco control.
TTCF is a member of the Framework Convention Alliance (FCA), and since its inception five years ago, the organisation has been vital in Tanzania’s fight against tobacco consumption

In particular, Ms Kokulinda works on issues relating to tobacco growing and farmers, plus tobacco industry interference in Tanzania.
In her acceptance speech Kokulinda said that many developed countries were campaigning strongly to cut tobacco use (including the enforcement of rigorous tobacco control legislation), which has meant a drop in smoking rates.

However, to sustain their business, “multinational tobacco companies are doing all they can to ensure increased tobacco use in developing countries,” she said.

According to Kokulinda, about 35 per cent of the Tanzanian population are smokers, with rates of smoking amongst youth alarmingly high due to tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship by the tobacco industry.

“They [big tobacco companies] practice in Tanzania what they wouldn’t dare in their own countries,” she said, calling on leaders in the developed world to stop supporting tobacco industries.

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Tanzania loses 15,500ha of forests every year to tobacco

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