FCA Policy Briefing: FCTC Budget and workplan: 2014-2015

04 Nov 2012

Key recommendations:

  • Before agreeing to the FCTC budget at COP5, Parties should ensure that all decisions made by the COP are reflected in the workplan and projected to the budget;
  • The 2014-2015 budget should prioritize the work of several strategic subsidiary bodies:

– A working group on mechanisms of assistance and support for implementation of the FCTC;

– An expert group to discuss and propose the most appropriate form for an FCTC implementation review mechanism; and

– An expert group on Article 19 (liability).

  • COP5 should ensure that activities related to treaty governance, including travel support for all low-resource Parties, are funded through the Convention’s core budget.
  • Production of COP Summary records should be maintained;
  • COP5 should encourage the Convention Secretariat and the WHO to continue to coordinate their efforts in supporting FCTC implementation.


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