FCA Policy Briefing for COP6: INTERPOL’s application for observer status

24 Sep 2014

Key recommendations:

  • INTERPOL’s application should be rejected on the basis that, as long as its agreement with Philip Morris International (PMI) is in force, its participation in FCTC discussions would be inconsistent with the FCTC and the ITP.
  • As the police have a crucial role to play in ITP implementation, INTERPOL should be invited to re-apply for observer status in 2015, once it has ended its agreement with PMI and as long as it rejects further partnership agreements with tobacco companies.
  • Parties should consider adopting application and periodic review processes for observer status for intergovernmental organisations (IGOs), similar to those which already exist for NGOs.
  • Should the Conference of the Parties decide to mandate intersessional work on Article 5.3, this work could include developing criteria for observer status.




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