FCA Policy Briefing for COP6: Sustainable measures to strengthen implementation of the Convention

24 Sep 2014

Key recommendations:

  • COP6 should endorse all recommendations proposed by the working group and encourage Parties and other stakeholders to take concrete actions in line with these recommendations.
  • The COP should also establish a coordination platform among all stakeholders that provide or could provide assistance and resources for implementation of the FCTC. The key objective of the platform should be to address gaps in existing mechanisms of assistance.
  • The mandate of the working group should be extended so that it can develop an FCTC strategy on implementation assistance for discussion at COP7, such that Parties’ needs can be met. COP6 should also request the working group to propose an implementation assistance framework at COP7.
  • Work to strengthen implementation of FCTC Article 5.2(a) needs to continue. The UNDP and the Convention Secretariat should be requested to provide options for the establishment of functioning national multisectoral coordination mechanisms for consideration at COP7.






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