FCA Policy Briefing for COP6: The Protocol to Eliminate Illicit Trade in Tobacco Products

07 Oct 2014

Key Recommendations:

Parties are urged to have a frank discussion of the reasons for the relatively low number of signatories to the ITP, as well as the slow pace of ITP ratifications/accessions to date. Possible reasons could include, amongst others: 

  • The multi-sectoral nature of the Protocol, leading to slow ratification processes;
  • Lack of financial resources for promotion of the Protocol;
  • Failure to clarify sources and types of technical assistance for ITP implementation;
  • Lack of clarity on technical aspects of the Protocol;
  • Concerns about the financial implications of the Protocol.

Taking into account the results of the discussion, Parties should give the Secretariat a clear mandate:

  • To organise awareness-raising activities;
  • To commission further research on technical aspects of the Protocol;
  • To strengthen co-operative arrangements with relevant international organisations;
  • To raise funds for more concerted preparation of ITP entry into force and implementation;
  • To counter tobacco industry claims on how to implement the Protocol, and in particular its promotion of the Codentify system.


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