FCA Policy Briefing for COP7: Budget and workplan 2018-19

04 Nov 2016

 Key recommendations:

  • Before agreeing to the FCTC budget at COP7, Parties should ensure that all decisions made by the COP are reflected in the workplan and projected to the budget;
  • The 2018-19 workplan and budget should prioritise measures that will contribute most to supporting FCTC implementation in 2018 and 2019. In FCA’s view, this includes:
  1. Mandating the Convention Secretariat to play an active role in mobilising resources for FCTC implementation at country level by clearly and systematically communicating Parties’ needs to donors;
  2. Establishing and operationalizing the proposed Implementation Review Committee;Establishing an expert-driven mechanism to facilitate COP discussions on global and regional progress towards the 30-percent target;
  3. Providing travel support for low and middle-income country Parties;Providing Parties with support for ITP ratification and implementation;
  4. Providing support for the establishment of an Article 5.3 knowledge hub.
  • COP7 should ensure that priority implementation-focused activities as well as key activities mandated in the text of the FCTC are funded through the Convention’s core budget;
  • The amount covered by Voluntary Assessed Contributions (VACs) to fund the FCTC budget for 2018-2019 should be increased in line with the Secretariat’s proposal.


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