FCA Policy Briefing for COP7: Convention Secretariat’s fundraising efforts and collaborative work

25 Oct 2016

Key recommendations

  • COP7 should address the Convention Secretariat’s fundraising efforts as two distinct streams of work: raising funds for the FCTC workplan and budget and mobilising resources for FCTC implementation at country level;
  • In order to mobilise resources for FCTC implementation at country level, COP7 should request that the Secretariat systematically raise awareness with potential donors of Parties’ needs for assistance and clearly communicate the nature of the assistance required. For detailed recommendations on this matter, see the FCA policy briefing “Mobilising resources for FCTC implementation”;
  • COP7 should consider the idea of a financing dialogue for FCTC implementation being held in early 2017, and should provide clear guidance to the Secretariat on what sort of work it should undertake in preparation for this event, and what the expected outcomes should be;
  • COP7 discussions on the draft fundraising policy should focus first on fundraising strategies and then on the ethical aspects of fundraising and collaborative work;
  • COP7 should request a report be presented to COP8 on progress in mobilising resources, both domestic and international, for tobacco control.



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