FCA Policy Briefing for COP7: Report of the Article 19 Expert Group

14 Oct 2016

Key recommendations

COP7 should request the Convention Secretariat to take the following steps to support Parties with implementation of Article 19:

  • Make the toolkit, prepared by the expert group, accessible to Parties, including by positing in on the FCTC website and updating it regularly;
  • Develop and maintain a database of experts for technical assistance, as well as a referral system that would lead Parties to individuals with demonstrated experience in tobacco litigation.

To ensure ongoing implementation of Article 19, three additional steps should be taken:

  • Future COP sessions should monitor progress on Parties’ implementation, including through reports from those with relevant expertise on Article 19;
  • For each COP session the Secretariat should prepare an overview of activities related to Article 19, specifically on implementation assistance, including requests for technical assistance and referrals to other relevant organizations;
  • COP9 should include an assessment of the toolkit including how it is being utilised by Parties and promoted by the Secretariat.


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