FCA Policy Briefing for COP7: Review of accreditation of intergovernmental organisations with the status of observer to the Conference of the Parties

21 Oct 2016

Key recommendations:

  • FCA supports the recommendation put forward in the draft decision contained in document FCTC/COP/7/29 to establish a procedure to regularly review the accreditation of intergovernmental organisations (IGOs) with the status of observers to the COP;
  • COP7 should clarify details of the review procedure following the proposed IGO survey process. In particular, COP7 should mandate the FCTC Bureau to review IGO survey responses and recommend to the COP whether to maintain, suspend, or revoke the accreditation of IGO observers to the COP, similar to the process established to review NGO observer status;
  • Before discussion on this matter, COP should also seek updates on the model policy for organisations of the UN system to prevent tobacco industry interference. The policy is being put forward for adoption at the seventh meeting of the UN Interagency Task Force on NCDs. COP7 should ensure policy coherence between this model policy and any review process established by COP;
  • COP7 should also ensure that any decision taken to establish and operationalise such a procedure is accompanied by supporting amendments to the Rules of Procedure.



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