FCA Policy Briefing: Smokeless Tobacco

24 Oct 2012


  • In view of the wide variation in smokeless tobacco products around the world, significant differences in market dynamics and large differences in national regulatory experience, COP5 should neither recommend a specific course of action to Parties nor refer the issue of smokeless tobacco to the Article 9/10 working group.
  • However, in countries where harm from smokeless products is significant, individual Parties should seriously consider their regulatory options, based on the best policy and scientific evidence available.
  • Parties should consider adopting a declaration reiterating that the provisions of the FCTC apply to all tobacco products, including smokeless products, and that Parties should be free to apply tobacco control and consumer protection laws to tobacco products without interference by the tobacco industry.
  • Parties should discuss approaches to international co-operation to improve the availability of data on harmful constituents in smokeless products.


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