FCA promoting tobacco control at WHO regional committee meetings

09 Oct 2013

In their statements at the meetings, FCAers focused on the need to accelerate implementation of the FCTC, ensure that tobacco control plays a central role in the international community’s campaign against NCDs, and stressed the importance of getting tobacco control included in the post-2015 development goals.

Some highlights of the meetings include:

• A number of countries supporting the inclusion of FCTC indicators (AMRO);
• Discussions focusing on tobacco taxation as an innovative means to fund health issues (AFRO);
• A recommendation to members states to develop national multi-sectoral NCDs action plans, and set national indicators and targets in accordance with global and regional action plans and voluntary targets and indicators, as per FCA’s recommendation (SEARO);
• Civil society organisations being invited to speak for the first time (EURO). FCA’s intervention, on behalf also of the European Respiratory Society, focused on tobacco and development.

Read FCA’s statements for the meetings:

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