FCA’s shadow reporting expands

20 Apr 2011

Tobacco Watch targeted the earliest Parties to the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) and focused on three key issue areas:

1.    Article 8 – smoke-free air.
2.    Article 11 – package warnings.
3.    Article 13 – tobacco marketing.

In 2011, FCA will expand shadow reporting to new Parties and additional FCTC articles.

Working with expert colleagues, FCA developed data-gathering methodologies to include two additional articles in the 2011 global report.

For Article 6 (taxation), colleagues will purchase cigarettes in many locations throughout various countries to determine their relative affordability. According to many economists, affordability is a more valid approach to tobacco taxation policy than other indicators.  

FCA’s methodology for Article 5.3 (industry interference) is based on a questionnaire developed by Corporate Accountability International, which analysed many tracking systems employed by civil society around the world.

By its nature, information on industry interference will be much more qualitative than data gathered under other articles, but it should provide important insights into industry activities internationally.

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