FCTC ratification definitions

05 May 2014

Accession is the process by which a country that has not previously signed becomes a Party. 

Participant includes all countries that are either Parties or Signatories, including countries that become Parties through accession or succession. 

Party is bound under international law by the provisions of the FCTC.

Ratification (becoming a Party subsequent to signature), accession and succession have the same legal effect. 

Signatory is a country that signed prior to the 29 June 2004 signature deadline. Signature indicates agreement with the FCTC and an intention to become a Party at a later date and thus be bound by the FCTC’s provisions.

Succession refers to a new country that desires to continue to be a Party following the partition of a previously existing country.

United Nations Member States – All of the 193 Member States of the United Nations are eligible to ratify the FCTC. By contrast, according to some sources there are more than 200 sovereign states.

Download the full list of countries that have ratified the FCTC, and related information

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