FCTC reporting under review in 2016

12 Feb 2016

Current reports, due every two years, are used by the Convention Secretariat to produce a global report that is reviewed by FCTC’s governing body – the Conference of the Parties (COP). This year’s submissions will feed into the report to be examined at the seventh session of the COP in November 2016.

However, the collected data is not generally used, for example, to help countries understand whether they meet the Convention’s requirements or to identify areas where Parties might need additional tools or targeted assistance.

Expert group meets this year

Work is already underway to examine the reporting process and identify opportunities to use the data that countries share with the Secretariat. An expert group, established to deliver recommendations to COP7, held its first meeting in December 2015 and will meet once more this year.

Many international Conventions have established mechanisms, procedures or committees to facilitate the review of Parties’ reports. The purpose of such a review is to better understand difficulties in implementation and to provide tailored guidance on how treaty implementation can be improved.

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