The FCTC turned 10 on 27 Feb 2015

10 Feb 2015

FCA will be at the World Health Organization in Geneva to celebrate the occasion. We are also asking our members around the world to share their before/after photos: what it looked like where they live before tobacco control measures, and after. 

Photos, and more, can be found below.

FCTC before and after

See what the FCTC looked liked in countries before and after tobacco control measures were implemented. 

Click on a thumbnail below to launch the slideshow.

The FCTC in 2025

Read FCA’s road map for the direction that the Convention should take in the next decade

Read the opinions of these public health experts:

  • Dr Judith MackaySenior Policy Advisor, WHO; Policy Advisor, World Lung Foundation/Bloomberg Initiative
  • Derek Yach, Executive Director, Vitality Institute; former Executive Director, WHO NCDs
  • Sam Byfield, Senior Policy Advisor, National Heart Foundation of Australia; Associate, Nossal Institute for Global Health, University of Melbourne.
  • E Ulysses Dorotheo, FCTC Program Director, Southeast Asia Tobacco Control Alliance; Chair, FCA Board of Directors

WHO Director-General Dr Margaret Chan

Read the speech by Dr Margaret Chan


Download the brochure prepared by the FCTC Secretariat


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