Global Action Plan on NCDs must recognise the FCTC

11 Mar 2013

In its submission, the Alliance calls on the plan to be strengthened by:

  • Explicitly recognising the FCTC Conference of the Parties as the governing body for global tobacco control;
  • Ensuring that FCTC provisions on multi-sectoral action on global tobacco control (FCTC Article 5) are fully implemented and become strengthened through multi-sectoral action on NCDs;
  • Explicitly recognising the legally binding nature of the FCTC and its provisions.

FCA also notes:

  • While drafting continues on the revised NCD Global Action Plan, FCTC Parties have an obligation to implement its provisions now:  FCTC requirements are immediate.
  • While the NCD process and its targets are mostly on a voluntary basis, the FCTC is a legally binding treaty: its provisions are mandatory.

A final draft of the revised plan will be submitted for consideration by Member States at the Sixty-sixth World Health Assembly (20-28 May 2013).

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