Good news from Latin America

25 Jul 2011

In Peru, 5,000 people had submitted a legal claim against the recently passed tobacco control law, saying it was unconstitutional. On Thursday, the Supreme Court rejected this claim.

And on Friday, Ecuador’s new tobacco control law entered into force completely after its publication in the Official Registry.

According to FCA AMRO Regional Director Eduardo Bianco, these positive developments might reflect a more mature tobacco control movement in the region.

“Some time ago, the same facts could have produced absolutely differents results, mostly in favour of the tobacco industry. Now the movement is quite mature. As well, international support can be organised quickly. These things could explain the current achievements,” said Eduardo.
The most important event in coming months will be the UN NCD Summit in September, predicts Eduardo. “Depending on the Outcomes Document, it could constitute a big push for tobacco control if NCDs and tobacco control are included in the development agenda.”

Despite the good news, “Latin America should continue watching for and trying to counteract tobacco industry interference,” says Eduardo. The industry “will continue to undermine every tobacco control policy in our countries.”


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