Governments’ participation in global tobacco control efforts threatened

12 Sep 2012

All these countries are increasingly targeted by the tobacco industry as it continues to expand its markets, and need the support provided by participating in FCTC meetings.

Progress on tobacco control and implementation of the FCTC will be discussed at COP5 in November in Seoul. It is expected that official FCTC travel support, including the COP4 decision, will be reviewed in discussions on budgetary and institutional matters (COP5 provisional agenda item 8.4).

FCA believes that the reduced ability of some Parties to participate in FCTC meetings may significantly affect COP negotiations. Without representation, low-resource Parties will be unable to express their views. To read more, check FCA’s overview of the implications of the COP4 decision for each WHO region:

According to the official FCTC guide for participants, Parties eligible for travel support should submit official credentials to the Convention Secretariat through an online registration system or provide their originals by 15 September 2012. According to the official instructions, ‘the Secretariat cannot guarantee that it will be possible to provide financial support’ if those steps are taken after 15 September.

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