Greetings from the 2014 Board!

14 Feb 2014

The other Board members are: Issah Ali (AFRO); Mônica Andreis (At-Large); Johanna Birckmayer (AMRO); Elif Dağlı (EURO), and Iqbal Masud (SEARO).

Post-2015 development priorities 

Between now and 2015, new global development goals are being negotiated to replace the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). These goals will be used to set national and global development priorities until 2030.

As we saw with the MDGs, failure to include an explicit mention of tobacco control in the new goals could limit access to funding for tobacco control in low-income countries. Perhaps more importantly, global development goals, and the discussion around them, have a clear impact on countries’ national priority setting, particularly in low-income countries. 

Use FCA’s online communications

FCA communicates using numerous online tools. Take advantage of them to stay involved; to communicate information, events, successes and the results of your work; to exchange experiences, engage in follow-up discussions, and be in contact with other colleagues worldwide communicating about global tobacco control:

Join forces to sustain FCA’s work

The more partnerships we can create to advance our cause, the stronger and more successful our work will be.

As you are doubtless well aware, resources for global tobacco control continue to be a major challenge, especially in a COP year.   

We propose to face this challenge together. For example, if you are considering a project proposal for which FCA could be a partner or if you have a proposal that you think FCA could take the lead on, please let us know.

Send us your brightest and craziest ideas, helpful suggestions and potential funding contacts, and let us collaborate to achieve our common goals. Providing in-kind contributions or financial assistance, large or small, to support FCA’s work is always welcome.

In the coming weeks, we will be writing to you again to seek your assistance in fundraising for specific FCA activities at COP6 that will be critical to its success. I am confident that with your extraordinary efforts and our strength as civil society’s global tobacco control alliance, we will reach the targets we set for the year ahead, and continue to make significant inroads against the tobacco epidemic.

Sincerely yours,
For the FCA Board of Directors,
Ulysses ‘Yul’ Dorotheo            

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