Guide Step 7

24 Jun 2013

Getting there: A step-by-step guide to asking for a tax or price target

7. Follow up

The type of follow up will of course depend on the outcome of your first meeting. But the important thing is to keep communications channels open. This may involve:

  • Sending any further information discussed during the meeting
  • Sending relevant media articles or reports
  • Arranging a meeting with a visiting economist (from a university, the World Bank, WHO etc.)

At some point, you will probably want to ask for a second meeting to see whether your contact is willing to push for a tax target and to ask what further work you need to do to get such a decision adopted. For example, if you are talking with finance ministry bureaucrats, they may tell you they find the concept interesting, but that you need to talk to their superior or even to the finance minister. If this is the case, you should of course ask if they are willing to help you get such a meeting.

A legislator who’s interested in the idea may suggest you talk to several of their colleagues. It might be useful to invite one or more legislators to a forum of national or international experts.

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