Health Canda releases tobacco package warnings

18 Feb 2011

Draft regulatory amendments to the Tobacco Products Information Regulations have also been published in the Canada Gazette, Part I dated Saturday 19 February (but available now on the web).  See:
English – (html)

French – (html)

Bilingual – (pdf (begins at p.519):
The 16 exterior warnings include a second warning featuring Barb Tarbox, who died from lung cancer at age 42 and will also feature on new US warning labels, in addition to the warning that was released Dec. 30.
There is a 75 day consultation period that ends 5 May 2011. 
The draft regulations provide that the new warnings would be required on packages at the manufacturer/importer/distributor level on 28 December 2011, and at the retailer level 30 March 2012. This implementation timetable is similar to what was found in Bill C-32 for the ban on flavoured cigarillos, roughly six months at the manufacturer/importer level, and 9 months at the retailer level. 
Health Canada also released the proposed Promotion of Tobacco Products and Accessories Regulations (Prohibited Terms) [the Regulations], which would prohibit the terms “light” and “mild,” and variations thereof, from various tobacco products, their packaging, promotions, retail displays, as well as from tobacco accessories. Most companies are already subject to binding agreements with the Competition Bureau to remove these terms.  This proposed regulatory change has been in the works for some time. For more information click here

See previous FCA article, Canada reverses warnings decision.


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