Help FCA get ready for COP6 in 2014

10 Dec 2013

Because this upcoming COP will address important issues, including the adoption of critical Article 6 guidelines, how to overcome challenges in securing resources for FCTC implementation, and other vital topics, we are very much looking forward to this meeting and to working with all of you!

Moscow is a fairly expensive city, and we realize that many FCA members are facing financial challenges. So if you plan to attend COP6, we encourage you and your organization to take steps now to include the meeting in your budgets for next year. Civil society’s presence at the COP is critical to ensure the right decisions are made. The industry is doing all it can to oppose our work, so it is imperative that we pool our resources to see that civil society is effectively represented in Moscow.

Sponsorship programme

If your organization is financially unable to send representatives to COP6, FCA will do all it can to raise the funds needed to offer a sponsorship programme to help cover travel expenses for a limited number of people.

If your organization has capacity, please begin planning now and do your best to raise and/or allocate funds for your travel. If you are able to provide additional funding to sponsor the attendance of NGO members in low-income countries, please let us know. Finally, please inform us if your organization is able to provide in-kind donations, such as the printing of materials, translation time, media support, etc.

Your dedication to a world free from tobacco is what motivates us to lead civil society’s global fight against the tobacco epidemic. With your support, we can continue to challenge the influence of the multinational tobacco industry, and ensure that the FCTC remains an effective tool in reducing global tobacco consumption.

We look forward to seeing you at COP6 and wish you a Happy Hanukkah, advanced Happy Christmas, and happy holidays!

Best wishes,

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