INB5: Supply-Chain Control (Part III)

09 Mar 2012

During past INBs, Part III of the draft Protocol has been the central focus of discussions, with numerous wording proposals and vigorous debates on some issues, notably the extent of tracking-and-tracing obligations (Article 7).

At INB4, Parties achieved consensus on Article 7, subject to the oft-repeated proviso that “nothing is agreed until everything is agreed”. Other draft articles were referred to the informal working group, which proposed text for the rest of the supply-chain-control articles.

Key recommendations

• Delete references to “legally binding and enforceable agreements” in Articles 6 and 9;

• Add language on key inputs in Article 5, 6, 8 and 12, or at a minimum, modify language on key inputs in Article 5.5 so as to encourage rather than preclude action;

• Delete reference to location of global information-sharing focal point in Article 7.1.

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