Industry ‘scream-o-meter’ rising in SE Asia

21 Jun 2016

In Indonesia, for example, the president has announced increases in tobacco taxes and stronger measures for smoke-free public spaces as he considers if the country should become a party to the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC). In response, front groups for the industry have begun recycling old arguments that such a move would kill the national cigarette industry and farmers’ livelihoods. 

 But as SEATCA and many others have noted, the tobacco industry is no friend to farmers

In Malaysia, notes SEATCA – an FCA member – groups linked to the tobacco industry responded to signs that plain packaging could be imminent by trotting out the old argument that smuggling would rise as a result. 

However, many countries have significantly increased tobacco taxes without experiencing changes in smuggling/illicit production. Other factors play a major role in smuggling

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