Will COP6 be the last FCTC meeting for low-resource Parties?

01 Aug 2014

In 2010, the COP introduced new rules on official travel support for low-resource Parties (decision FCTC/COP4(21)). It cut all support (airline tickets, accommodation and per diem) for all low- and lower-middle income countries, and restricted support, to airline tickets only, for Parties classified as Least Developed Countries (LDCs).

In 2012, the COP again agreed on these measures, but put in place temporary provisions so that low-resource Parties would receive some support for travel to COP6 (decision FCTC/COP5(18)). 

FCA believes that if COP6 does not change the decision made at COP4, and reaffirmed at COP5, the reduced ability of some Parties to participate in FCTC meetings could significantly affect COP negotiations. Without representation, low-resource Parties would be unable to express their views.

To learn more, read FCA’s overview of the implications of the COP decision from 2010 for each WHO region:

According to the official FCTC COP6 guide for participants, Parties eligible for travel support should submit official credentials to the Convention Secretariat through an online registration system, or provide their originals, by 1 September 2014. According to the official instructions, “Secretariat cannot guarantee that it will be possible to provide financial support after the deadline”.

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