Madagascar gets graphic warning labels

30 Jan 2012

The size of the warning, including the border, will exceed 75 percent of the front and back of packages.

The text of the warnings will be in Malagasy.

Madagascar joins Djibouti and Mauritius as African countries that require picture warnings. In the WHO AFRO Region only Mauritius and Madagascar legislate picture warnings: Djibouti is in the Eastern Mediterranean Region (EMRO).

The Madagascar warnings are to appear on packages 180 days after the Interministerial Decision is published in the Official Journal, which should be about April 2012.

Terms such as “light”, “ultra-light”, “mild” and “flavoured” are prohibited on packages. Cigarette cases are also prohibited.

The Interministerial Decision (including images) and the related Decree can be seen at either of these sites:

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