Maldives opts for tobacco control

09 Sep 2010

The Maldives has adopted a Tobacco Control bill – bringing the country one step closer to implementing its WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) obligations. The bill must be implemented by 18 August 2011.

Framework Convention Alliance (FCA) South-East Asia co-ordinator Shailesh Vaite said the bill would serve as an instrument for the people of the Maldives to protect themselves against death and disease caused by tobacco.

“Tobacco companies are also becoming increasingly interested in the Maldives as a market for tobacco products, he said.

“Bans on tobacco advertising, regulating tobacco product sales, implementing smoke-free laws and enforcing cigarette packaging health warnings will all help deter the increasing onslaught from tobacco companies.”

 The bill will:

•    Prohibit the advertising of tobacco products.
•    Control tobacco products’ labelling and packaging.
•    Prohibit growing of tobacco.
•    Control tobacco products’ imports and exports.
•    Monitor how tobacco products are sold.
•    Control tobacco products’ tax.
•    Protect non-smokers from second-hand smoke by regulating smoking in public places like cinemas, conference halls, mosques, healthcare services, sporting facilities, government buildings and educational facilities.
•    Encourage the implementation of cessation programs.
•    Create public awareness about the dangers of tobacco use.

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