Meeting with FCTC COP Secretariat

15 Jun 2011

Issues discussed included:

Intergovernmental Negotiating Body (INB) on a Protocol on Illicit Trade in Tobacco Products – two working group sessions will be held this year ahead of the final session of the INB (5-10 March 2012).

The first session will be 4-8 July, the second in the first or third week of October.

COP working groups – three working groups were set up at COP-4: Article 6, Articles 9&10, Articles 17&18. Meetings will be held in early 2012.

COP Guidelines – FCS is planning to publish in September a volume of the seven COP Guidelines agreed to date.

Revised reporting and review of global progress – FCS requested that NGOs support Parties in completing their reporting requirements.

Budget – FCS is satisfied with the budget ratio of roughly 2/3 voluntary assessed contributions to 1/3 extra- budgetary contributions, which compares favourably with other treaties. It also welcomed any suggestions of potential funding sources.

Action at regional/ country level – FCS will hold workshops on FCTC implementation in the Eastern Mediterranean (EMRO) and EURO regions in October/November 2011; two other Regional Workshops will be held before COP-5.

Assistance to countries with fewer resources – Since COP-4, a Needs Assessment meeting has been held in Bhutan, and Afghanistan has expressed an interest in hosting one. FCS intends to organise assessments in 30 countries in the next Biennium. A South-South cooperation project is to be announced shortly.

UN High-level Meeting on NCDs (NCDs Summit) – FCS would like to support Parties that are promoting a strong profile for the FCTC in the Summit’s Outcomes Document. FCS would like to see any Summit-related documents using language that is close to the FCTC and COP decisions.

UN Ad Hoc Inter-Agency Task Force – The theme of the next Task Force meeting (early 2012) will be the FCTC. FCS is drafting a matrix that maps UN Agencies potential engagement and commitments on each FCTC article. FCS was open to NGOs contributing to this process.

Upcoming Meetings: The FCS invited NGOs to inform them of upcoming meetings that might promote the FCTC.

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