More cessation support needed globally

17 Jan 2013

These are:

•    Provide primary care – all healthcare systems should be prioritising this intervention, irrespective of the state of other tobacco control measures;
•    Introduce basic infrastructure elements to get cessation support on the tobacco control agenda, such as: mandatory recording of tobacco use in medical notes, and addressing tobacco use by health and other relevant professionals.

The report emphasises that such measures are not expensive, nor logistically complex. Plus, a strong ethical case exists for supporting tobacco users to quit, it adds.

The report is based on surveys of tobacco cessation support conducted by researchers based in the UK, US and Brazil.

More information – download the Tobacco Watch reports (three languages)

•    Implementation of FCTC Article 14
•    Mise en oeuvre de l’article 14 de la CCLAT
•    Aplicacion del Artículo 14 del CMCT

See FCA’s Shadow Reporting campaign.

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