New board members for 2016

15 Sep 2015

As a result, the FCA’s membership elected a diverse board with different talents, and all having substantial experience as tobacco control advocates. 

The new members are:

Alejandro Ramos 
AMRO regional seat

Amit Yadav
SEARO regional seat.

Maria Carmona
At-large seat.

FCA Laurent Huber thanked the outgoing members.

“While they are not leaving the board until the end of the year, I want to give special recognition to the three board members whose terms end 31 December 2015: Iqbal Masud (SEARO), Johanna “Jo” Birckmayer (AMRO) and Lutgard Kokulinda Kagaruki (at-large),” he said.

As of 1 January 2016 the FCA’s board will be made up of: 

  • Regional Office for Africa (AFRO): Issah Ali
  • Regional Office for the Americas (AMRO): Alejandro Ramos
  • Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean (EMRO): Fouad Fouad
  • Regional Office for Europe (EURO): Maxime Compaoré
  • Regional Office for South-East Asia (SEARO): Amit Yadav
  • Regional Office for the Western Pacific (WPRO): Ulysses Dorotheo
  • At-large: Maria Carmona
  • At-large: Mônica Andreis
  • At-large: Judith Watt

Board members serve for four years. During the next FCA election in 2016 one at-large seat and the positions for the AFRO and EMRO regions will be contested.





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