New Zealand to make tobacco history

27 Jan 2010

A New Zealand not-for-profit organization is calling for the elimination of tobacco for sale by 2013.

Te Reo Marama director Shane Kawenata Bradbrook says that history can be made if tobacco is consigned to history.

“For once in political history we have an examination of the tobacco industry and its practices. It is outrageous that an industry can still profit from the dead and dying here in Aotearoa (New Zealand) and globally,” said Bradbrook. “Holding this industry to account is long overdue.”

According to Bradbrook, the tobacco industry is recently responsible for 600 Maori and 4,400 non-Maori deaths in New Zealand.

Te Reo Marama will call for the elimination of tobacco for sale by 2013 at the forthcoming Maori Affairs Select Committee Inquiry on the tobacco industry and tobacco’s consequences on Maori.

Already the government of Finland is pushing to eliminate tobacco from being visible in shops. Bradbrook says that if it is good enough for Finland, then it is good enough for New Zealand.

“This Inquiry is an opportunity to leave an intergenerational legacy that says we are a Tupeka Kore-Tobaccofree nation,” he said.

More information

In Maori Te Reo Marama means enlightenment through discussion and the organization’s tagline – Kaupapa Tupeka Kore focuses on tobacco free.

Information about the inquiry

More about Finland’s push to make tobacco history

Te Reo Marama’s website

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