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30 Sep 2011

Nomination details

•    Each member organisation may only nominate one candidate per organisation.
•    An organisation can propose the same candidate for both its respective regional list and global list (at-large).
•    Only an organisation in the EURO region may nominate a candidate to represent the EURO region, and the candidate MUST reside in the EURO region.
•    Only an organisation in the WPRO region may nominate a candidate to represent the WPRO region and the candidate must reside in the WPRO region.
•    Your organisation may also nominate the same candidate for the at-large post.   
The FCA is your organisation.  We encourage you to make your choices heard.

Nominations should be submitted to in the following format:

•         Name of candidate
•         Name of organisation
•         Country
•         Region
•         Position(s) for which individual is being nominated

Each nominated candidate must provide a brief biography and/or short statement of about 300 words outlining their skills and abilities in the areas of tobacco control, strategic planning, governance, finances, policy and fundraising  he/she will bring to the Board. This statement will appear on the secure election site to help FCA members with their voting decisions. 


If your organisation does not submit a nomination by 17 OCTOBER  2011, it will NOT be considered during the election.

Download the list of the current FCA Board and their terms. 

Information regarding the voting process for the 6th General Assembly will be communicated to voting member organisations in late-October, following the close of the nomination period.

Please direct all inquiries to

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