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31 Jul 2014

Since its first informal meetings in the late 1990s to discuss a future global tobacco control treaty, the FCA has grown to an alliance of more than 500 organisations in over 100 countries. The Alliance was instrumental in developing the WHO FCTC and, despite increasingly scarce resources in the new millennium, in leading the global tobacco control community to shift its focus toward implementation of the Convention.

Among our particular achievements are:

  • Created an organisation founded on the principles of diversity, gender balance and equality.
  • Ensured that NGOs with wide and varied expertise in all areas of tobacco control attended FCTC negotiating meetings.
  • Enhanced FCA members’ ability to actively influence FCTC protocols and implementation guidelines.
  • Assisted in the development and adoption of effective evidence-based guidelines on implementation of the FCTC – including Article 5.3 (industry interference), Article 6 (price and tax measures – recommendations only), Article 8 (protection from second-hand smoke), Article 9&10 (regulation and disclosure of contents), Article 11 (packaging and labelling), Article 12 (education and awareness), Article 13 (advertising and promotion) and Article 14 (demand reduction measures).
  • Assisted countries to become Parties to the FCTC (here were more than 175 Parties in 2013.
  • Demonstrated expertise as a credible voice in global tobacco control so that we are able to positively influence sessions of the FCTC Conference of the Parties (COP). The outcomes of COP5 in 2012 included: adoption of a protocol on illicit trade, adoption of guiding principles and recommendations on FCTC Article 6; creation of a working group to strengthen sustainable implementation of the Convention.

See a complete list of achievements here.

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