Pakistan to have picture health warnings

04 Nov 2009

Pakistan will have pictorial health warnings on all its cigarette packs and outers as of February 2010.

The warnings will be on a yearly rotational basis (or as directed by the government) and imported cigarettes will not be cleared from port unless they bear warnings.

Warnings will cover 40 per cent (with 30 per cent being picture and 10 per cent warning text) of the front and back of packs.

Coalition for Tobacco Control in Pakistan coordinator Khurram Hashmi said the percentage was a little bit of a disappointment because initially it was to cover 50 per cent.

“This is the result of heavy lobbying from the tobacco industry but never-the-less it is a milestone for Pakistan in terms of tobacco control,” he said.

This makes Pakistan the fifth WHO Region of the Eastern Mediterranean country (after Jordan in 2005, Egypt in 2008, Iran in 2009 and Dijibouti also in 2009) to enforce such warnings.

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