World No Tobacco Day 2019

Every year, on 31 May, WHO and partners, including the Framework Convention Alliance, mark World No Tobacco Day to highlight the health and other risks associated with tobacco use. They advocate for effective policies to reduce tobacco consumption. This year, World No Tobacco Day will focus on the negative impact that tobacco has on people’s lung health, from cancer to chronic respiratory disease, and the fundamental role lungs play for the health and well-being of all people. The year’s theme is “tobacco and lung health.”


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The World No Tobacco Day 2019 campaign will raise awareness on: Risks posed by tobacco smoking and second-hand smoke exposure; Awareness on the particular dangers of tobacco smoking to lung health; Magnitude of death and illness globally from lung diseases caused by tobacco, including chronic respiratory diseases and lung cancer; Emerging evidence on the link between tobacco smoking and tuberculosis deaths; Implications of second-hand exposure for lung health of people across age groups; Importance of lung health to achieving overall health and well-being; Feasible actions and measures that key audiences, including the public and governments, can take to reduce the risks to lung health posed by tobacco.

Call to Action

  • Lung health is not achieved merely through the absence of disease, and tobacco smoke has major implications for the lung health of smokers and non-smokers globally.
  • In order to achieve the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) target of a one-third reduction in NCD premature mortality by 2030, tobacco control must be a priority for governments and communities worldwide. Currently, the world is not on track to meeting this target.
  • Countries should respond to the tobacco epidemic through full implementation of the WHO FCTC and by adopting the MPOWER measures at the highest level of achievement, which involves developing, implementing, and enforcing the most effective tobacco control policies aimed at reducing the demand for tobacco.
  • Parents and other members of the community should also take measures to promote their own health, and that of their children, by protecting them from the harms caused by tobacco.

Campaign Materials: BrochureVideoPosters, rollup and web bannerSocial media

For more information, please visit the WHO World No Tobacco Day website, available in the following languages: English, Chinese, Arabic, French, Russian and Spanish.


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