Ratification strengthens Liberia’s tobacco control

26 Sep 2009

Liberia ratified the WHO’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) on 18 September 2009. This brings the total Parties to ratify up to 167, which covers 86.44% of the world’s population.

Program manager at non-profit organization Community Development Outreach (CDO) in Liberia Vita Ishmael Tue said ratification will move Liberia towards formulating national tobacco law and fully implementing the FCTC.

“The ratification of the FCTC by the government marks a milestone in the history of tobacco control advocacy and campaigning in Liberia,” he said.

However, despite ratification, Tue says that CDO is reminding international tobacco control advocacy organizations and the FCA that Liberia is still one of the weakest links in the tobacco control community.

“CDO is calling on the FCA and other affiliates to plan programs and activities in partnership with us to strengthen Liberia’s efforts in fighting this menace.”

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