Reporting on Treaty Implementation: The FCTC Commitments

18 Aug 2008

Under Article 21 of the FCTC, Parties agree to submit to the COP, through the Secretariat, periodic reports on their implementation of the Convention. Article 21.1 states that these reports should include information on various matters, including:

  • information on legislative, executive, administrative or other measures taken to implement the FCTC;
  • information, as appropriate, on constraints or barriers encountered in implementation and the measures taken to overcome these barriers;
  • information, as appropriate, on financial and technical assistance provided or received for tobacco control activities;
  • information on rates of taxation for tobacco products and trends in tobacco consumption (as specified in Article 6.3);
  • information on expenditures by the tobacco industry on advertising, promotion and sponsorship not yet prohibited, if relevant governmental authorities decide to make those figures available (as specified in Article 13.4 (d);
  • aggregate information, as appropriate, on cross-border trade in tobacco products, including illicit trade, and on the storage and distribution of tobacco products held or moving under suspension of taxes or duties (as specified in Article 15.5);
  • information on the health effects of tobacco consumption and exposure to tobacco smoke, based on national epidemiological surveillance (as specified in Article 19.2);
  • information on legislation and regulations in force and on pertinent jurisprudence (as specified in Article 19.2); and
  • information on surveillance and research (as specified in Article 20).

Each Party to the FCTC is required to submit its first report on implementation within two years of the entry into force of the FCTC for that Party, in a format determined by the COP (Article 21.2). The COP also determines the format and frequency of subsequent reports. Reporting and exchange of information is subject to national law regarding confidentiality and privacy, and Parties agree to protect, as mutually agreed, any confidential information that is exchanged (Article 21.4).

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