2010 national reports on FCTC implementation get results

08 Mar 2011

The NGO that produced the report, Vision for Alternative Development (VALD), received official acknowledgement and consideration of the report from the Ministry of Health, and the report was covered in numerous news stories in national and local newspapers.

The project seems destined to lead to greater cooperation between civil society and the Government of Ghana on tobacco control issues.

The Coalition for a Tobacco-Free Palau decided to take a different approach. CTFP produced a series of public service announcements, which they aired on both of Palau’s television stations.

Within days, the Ministry of Health requested DVDs of the announcements, and within two months the first major piece of tobacco control legislation in a decade was passed, legislation that had been languishing without much consideration before the television ads.

Please see the reports below. All are in English unless otherwise noted.

Brazil – English [Adobe Acrobat PDF – 471.59 KB], Portuguese [Adobe Acrobat PDF – 191.52 KB]
Ghana [Adobe Acrobat PDF – 4.33 MB]
India [Adobe Acrobat PDF – 1.29 MB]
Kenya [Adobe Acrobat PDF – 1.02 MB]
Mauritius [Adobe Acrobat PDF – 331.57 KB]
Pakistan [Adobe Acrobat PDF – 90.75 KB]
Sri Lanka [Adobe Acrobat PDF – 494.85 KB]
Syria [Adobe Acrobat PDF – 184.28 KB]
Thailand [Adobe Acrobat PDF – 3.65 MB]

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