COP8 Policy Briefing: Financing a scale-up of FCTC implementation

Key Recommendations

  • FCA recognizes the urgent need to raise funds for FCTC implementation and welcomes the initiative of the Convention Secretariat and its proposal to establish a WHO FCTC Investment Fund.
  • FCA also supports the idea to establish a working group as proposed in Annex 1 of document FCTC/COP/8/18. However, FCA recommends that the work of this group should focus on how to address the financing gap for FCTC implementation at the national level, in addition to fundraising to cover costs relating to the Convention Secretariat’s workplan.
  • In particular, the working group should develop an investment case and fundraising strategy tied to the Global Strategy to Accelerate Tobacco Control.
    • An investment case should outline a clear rationale for investment in FCTC implementation and expected returns on investment, built around the objectives and indicators in the Global Strategy to Accelerate Tobacco Control and in line with national commitments to achieve global SDG and NCD targets.
    • An FCTC fundraising strategy might identify a range of financing sources and mechanisms, perhaps including an investment fund as one among other options.
  • Since the success of the Global Strategy depends to a large extent on the finance available, FCA recommends that the working group reports to the Bureau in October 2019, so that the Convention Secretariat can make tangible progress before COP9 in 2020.

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