COP8 Policy Briefing: Review of Accreditation of IGOs to the FCTC COP

Key Recommendations

  • At COP8, Parties should request that the Convention Secretariat continue to follow-up with IGO observers to the COP to gather information about how they are supporting FCTC and ITP implementation, whether they are engaging with the tobacco industry, and the degree to which this engagement with the tobacco industry may undermine progress implementing the FCTC and ITP.
  • IGO observers to the COP should be requested to provide this information in advance of COP9 in 2020 at the very latest.
  • Following this deadline, the COP Bureau should carefully evaluate IGOs responses and make recommendations to COP9 on whether to maintain, suspend, or discontinue each IGO’s observer status, vis-à-vis their potential contribution to the implementation of the FCTC and the ITP.
  • The Convention Secretariat should also continue work to promote uptake of the model policy on preventing tobacco industry interference among UN agencies, as endorsed by the United Nations Economic and Social Council.

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