COP8 Policy Briefing: Tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship

Key Recommendations

  • FCA does not endorse the expert group’s recommendations in FCTC/COP/8/7 that calls for the establishment of a working group to develop an addendum to implementation guidelines for Article 13. FCA also does not see value in creating a working group to discuss the development of a new protocol on cross-border tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship (TAPS)  – an issue that has previously been considered by the COP and rejected.
  • FCA recommends that Parties review reports prepared on Article 13 for previous COP sessions, particularly A/FCTC/COP/2/10 and FCTC/COP/3/9.
  • FCA encourages Parties to consider implementing the knowledge hub for cross-border tobacco TAPS that would operate as a formal notification system, as was proposed prior to COP3 in FCTC/COP/3/9.
  • FCA suggests that Parties request the Secretariat to commission a monitoring guide from marketing and analytics experts, which would detail methods and social media analytics tools currently available to investigate covert TAPS on contemporary cross-border media platforms, specifically social media platforms.

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