Factsheet: Tobacco & decent work

Key findings, arguments and recommendations: (1) Reducing smoking and implementing protection from secondhand smoke would improve working conditions; (2) Promoting occupational health and safety for tobacco farmers and workers is critical for their health and to provide decent work
Key facts and stats: (1) Almost half of secondhand smoking-related deaths are due to exposure at the workplace – totallying 433,000 deaths per year worldwide. This makes up almost 20% of deaths caused by workplace diseases and injuries globally; (2) secondhand smoke in the workplace causes 14.4 million disability-adjusted life-years; (3) In tobacco farming, occupational injuries like poisoning are prevalent. This is particularly concerning in terms of the widespread use of child labour in tobacco farming
Main focus: SDGs; decent work
Other topics addressed: economic growth; employment
Source: Unfairtobacco.org
Year: 2017

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