Factsheet: Tobacco & forests

Key findings, arguments and recommendations: (1) Reducing tobacco use and reducing cigarette litter, especially in forests, will have a positive impact on the environment; (2) Forest protection is necessary in tobacco-growing countries, in addition to afforestation programes; (3) Suporting alternative livelihoods for tobacco farmers is better for the environment
Key facts and stats: (1) Cigarette filters littered in forests decompose into a microplastic which enters into the forest’s food chain; (2) Toxic substances contained in cigarette-based litter leaches into the surrounding environment, contaminating soils and groundwater – one cigarette butt can contaminate one squaremeter with toxins; (3) 32.4 million tonnes of green tobacco, produced on 4 million hectares of arable land, are produced each year, leading to deforestation and nutrient depletion in the soil
Main focus: SDGs; environment
Other topics addressed: deforestation; farming
Source: Unfairtobacco.org

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