FCA Policy Briefing for COP7: Implementation of Article 5.3 of the WHO FCTC

Key recommendations:

FCA recognises that Parties face a number of barriers in implementing Article 5.3 and may need support from experts, and other resources, to implement it successfully. FCA recommends the following actions at COP7 to ensure Parties have access to the resources and support they need:

  • Establish a Knowledge Hub on Article 5.3 to act as a centralised resource for providing Parties ongoing support to implement Article 5.3 and to elevate the profile of Article 5.3 across the whole of government amongst Parties;
  • The COP should support the Knowledge Hub by dedicating the necessary funding to have it perform these functions;
  • The Secretariat should help coordinate the work of the Knowledge Hub with that of regional Tobacco Industry Monitoring Centres (Observatories) and report its findings to COP8;
  • The COP should ensure that Article 5.3 implementation assistance is well reflected in relevant COP7 decisions, including on implementation review and resource mobilisation.


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