FCA Policy Briefing for COP7: Status of the Protocol to Eliminate Illicit Trade in Tobacco Products

Key recommendations

  • FCA recommends that COP7 establish an inter-governmental working group (IGWG) to hold meetings in 2017 so that FCTC Parties have an opportunity to begin work on addressing key issues of ITP implementation as soon as possible. The COP should provide clear guidance on the IGWG’s agenda and documentation;
  • FCA recommends that the mandate of the expert panel be extended. Apart from tasks to support implementation and ratification of the ITP, the Expert Panel should be invited to provide input to the agenda for IGWG and assist with development of necessary documentation for its meetings;
  • COP7 should allocate sufficient resources both for the IGWG meetings and the work of the expert panel;
  • COP7 should send a clear message reminding Parties that any solutions to illicit trade in tobacco products which are provided by, on behalf, under the influence, designed, facilitated or owned by the tobacco industry, directly or indirectly, do not fulfill requirements of the ITP and are unacceptable. A decision on this matter should be adopted at COP7.

FCA calls on all Parties to the FCTC to advance with implementation of Article 15 of the FCTC which contains practical measures on how to address illicit trade in tobacco products

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