COP8 Policy Briefing: Achieving greater integration of FCTC and human rights norms

Key Recommendations

FCA encourages the Convention Secretariat to 

  • work with the United Nations Human Rights Council to embed support of the implementation of the WHO FCTC throughout Parties’ national efforts to achieve human rights objectives, including by integrating WHO FCTC implementation in the development of human rights national action plans; 
  • in collaboration with human rights experts, develop tools to assist Parties in accessing human rights mechanisms to accelerate FCTC implementation; 
  • invite representatives of human rights bodies to participate as observers at future FCTC Conferences of the Parties; 
  • invite the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights to prepare a report, in collaboration with the Convention Secretariat, on the nexus between FCTC and human rights obligations;
  • contribute to the work of relevant human rights mechanisms that can accelerate FCTC implementation, including the Human Rights Council and the Open-ended Intergovernmental Working Group on Transnational Corporations and Business Enterprises with Respect to Human Rights; 
  • encourage human rights bodies to raise states parties’ progress in FCTC implementation or ratification in periodic reporting processes; and 
  • seek clarification from the UN General Assembly to obtain observer status with the OHCHR.

FCA urges States Parties to

  • include FCTC implementation in efforts to protect and advance human rights, including in periodic reporting to human rights bodies, and to include FCTC in the mandate of national human rights governmental bodies and national action plans.

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